Editing and Formatting Scientific Articles

This is a collection of tips and links I use for editing and formatting scientific articles.  Hopefully they will be helpful for others who are trying to put an article together, and will lessen the pain of the authors in creating their articles, and the reduce the effort of reviewers and editors in correcting and understanding them.

While I am a proponent of Open Source Software, the fact remains that the majority of publishers in my particular field accept submissions in Microsoft Word, and conferences expect presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.  Therefore, these pages are focused on this particular workflow.  This is not to suggest that other applications, such as OpenOffice, are not excellent, but rather reflects a side-effect of the current scientific environment in which I work.  Where possible, I do use open source software as much as possible.

My current workflow includes the following applications:
  1. Experimental Logging:  Findings
  2. Data Acquisition: 
  3. Analysis:  Microsoft Excel, Stata, R, ImageJ
  4. Figures:  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  5. Writing:  Microsoft Word
  6. Citations:  EndNote, Papers
  7. Presentations:  Microsoft PowerPoint