A list of equipment the hospital does not provide, but which can be extremely useful during residency.  Please let me know if you have any ideas of things to add in this section.

Flashlight (Fenix E11)
  • useful for intra-oral examination and other times when you need a flashlight
  • small and takes AA batteries which are available on ward

Headlamp (Petzl MYO RXP)
  • useful for repairs in ER, on ward, etc. where lighting is suboptimal
  • can use standard AA batteries which are available on ward

USB Flash Drive (Kingston DTSE9 64 GB)
  • useful for saving clinical images and transferring files for rounds, teaching, etc.
  • small, rugged, and fits on a key chain

USB External Hard Drive (Western Digital 2 TB Portable USB Hard Drive)
  • portable external hard drive
  • large enough for all the videos, seminars, and other reference material you will need for residency

External Speakers (Jawbone JAMBOX Speaker)
  • great sounding, portable speaker
  • simple way to listen to your music in the operating theatre


  • cellular phone (handy, reasonable resolution, can send pictures to other residents or staff)
  • dedicated intra-operative photography rig (ask me if you want ideas, plans, etc.)

  • keep case notes, case log, etc.
  • can do this using Bento on an iPhone (ask me if you want ideas, database setups, etc.)

Pelican Case (1500)